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You Shop…We Ship. It’s that Simple

If you are a Caribbean shopper or a U.S based individual or company, PAKIGXPRESS offers the perfect shipping solution for you. We offer the perfect combination of speed, reliability, and affordability. We ship five days a week. Our charges are easy to understand, and our service is professional.

PAKIGXPRESS offers impeccable service both through our Miami office, and our agency network throughout the Caribbean.

How it Works

Caribbean Based Accounts 
  1. Create a PakigXpress Account on-line
  2. Shop on-line with your preferred U.S Merchant
  3. Have Merchandise shipped C/O PakigXpress address using your name and PakigXpress account number
  4. Your Merchandise is received at our warehouse and prepared for shipment to your island destination
  5. Packages are shipped via Air-Cargo 
  6. You pick-up your cargo at our Agent on your island
U.S. Based Accounts
  1. Access your on-line account
  2. Provide shipment information
  3. Select the shipping method that’s right for you
  4. Affix shipping label to your package
  5. Give your package to the carrier, request a pickup or drop your package at your local carrier terminal
  6. View shipment tracking and history on-line
  1. Receive quotes in seconds
  2. Create shipping labels on-line
  3. Receive regular tracking updates
  4. Address verification & correction
  5. Integratable into your favorite shopping  cart/fulfillment system
  6. Flexible payment options
  1. You only pay when you ship
  2. Convenient, intuitive and easy to use
  3. Process orders in seconds
  4. Enhanced visibility and control
  5. Improved productivity

Fees & Taxes

  • Handling Charge of US$9.95/Shipment
  • Applicable Air freight
  • Brokerage Fee
  • Customs Charges

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