What is Pakig Xpress?

Pakig Xpress is an international packaging forwarding company.

We offer seamless handling of our Caribbean customers’ purchases from their US merchants to their island destination. Pakig Xpress offers some of the most professional services in the small package handling industry.

How Does It Work?

Our small package handling process is very simple. Here is how it works:

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Pakig Xpress offers twice-weekly standard air-cargo service to the Caribbean. We also offer expedited air-freight for those customers that need their packages urgently.

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Ocean Freight

Pakig Xpress offers weekly ocean freight. Friday is the cut-off for ocean cargo sailing the following week.

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Restricted items refer to those items that are barred from importation according to the laws of the island that your package(s) is intended to be shipped.  Restrictions also include items such as arms and ammunitions and any other items or substances that Pakig Xpress is not certified to handle. Pakig Xpress also does not handle hazardous materials.

Also, flat-screen Television larger than 32″ will have to be crated for export at the customer’s expense. A crating estimate will be given prior to shipment.